Statut Law School turned to Smartiee in 2019. The institution is an old well-known Russian school, formed by graduates of the Moscow State University. The company holds legal seminars, professional development programs and conferences in law training 30,000 specialists. The task was to update the company's corporate identity.

The Back Story


Since the brand of the law school is recognisable in the market, the agency had to develop a concept that would visually show the continuity of the old corporate identity, but it was made taking into account modern design trends. When developing the design, it was necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the target audience, to correspond to the sphere of service provision, to interact harmoniously with the face-to-face halls for lectures.
We've defined the school's mission as the following:
'To provide an opportunity for lawyers from Moscow and the regions to improve their knowledge, become more competitive and solve problems in the field of law with the help of qualified speakers'

Also, we identified key brand values, built the five-stage brand pyramid including the essence, position statement, brand personality, emotional benefits, and rational attributes. This became the basis for the development of visual materials.
Since the key service of the school is face-to-face seminars, we have prepared a package of business documentation templates.
The former corporate identity did not work because it was outdated and conservative.
Our task was to get away from gray, pale, cold tones. Therefore, the characteristics of the photo style were criteria: sincere, not staged emotions, warm colors, modernity, positive, friendly.

01 Brand Platform

Corporate Identity for Statut Law School

Mission, values, and positioning

02 Corporate Identity

Color palette

Font: PT Futura Book

03 Images

04 Marketing Collateral



The visual identity concept was to utilize photographs of popular places in Moscow by famous contemporary photographers. Moscow as the center of the country, education, cultural life, meetings and secular life. A place where you can exchange knowledge and experience.
Brand: Statut Law School
Type: Law School
Practice: Legal
Geography: Moscow, Russia