May 04 / 2020

Rezolut law firm brand identity

Smartiee Agency worked with a prominent regional law firm Rezolut on revamping its brand identity.

The company has been on the market for over six years. It has not changed the visual representation of the brand since its inception.

In 2019 the founders decided to carry out the rebranding to increase the loyalty of current clients, attract new clients, and build an attractive employer brand.

The work on building the brand platform included several stages:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Naming
  • Logo and corporate identity creation
  • Positioning, brand history
  • Corporate website creation
  • SEO-optimization at the site creation stage

The brand design aims to reflect the key attributes of the company, as a brave modern team that is willing to do anything to achieve results for the customer. The design focuses on ideas of progress and momentum - we are using animation to emphasize this.

Visuals are based on images of sheltered spaces, large icons, as well as the letter R.

The slogan contains the fundamental value of the company
"Effective legal solutions for business". Clients come to lawyers to solve their problems. The tonality of the brand is evident for business, removing the impediments of professional legal jargon.

The design of the website uses a black and white color scheme to provide visitors with maximum convenience for text-reading. It gives a detailed description of domain expertise because many customers are looking for relevant industry background.

The brand book includes several tracks:

Brand platform: about the company, mission definition, values, brand positioning

Corporate Identification: logo, typography, color palette, images, graphics, photos
Business documentation: business cards, form A4, envelopes
Souvenir production: stationery
The announcement of the rebranding of the company is published at

The majority of the agency's clients are large and medium-sized companies. We are also building a brand platform for relatively new teams that have decided to change their identity.

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