July 12 / 2018

How to convince the media to publish your news?

To let the world know about your products or services, companies usually use three potential outcome scenarios.

1) doing all the content creation in-house, offer publications to the media, which they do not accept;
2) hire an expensive PR agency, pay them several months retainer for copy and distribution with no guarantee and often without the result;
3) the company aligns its messages to every media outlet, and the texts get published.

We collected some tips for ensuring media publish news for tech startups.

As you can see the key trick is not to generate content that you like personally, but to focus on satisfying the needs and interests of a particular media. Each of them has its requirements, but from our experience, we can highlight common points:

When writing a text, always bear in mind the intended audience. If your news targets the sales reps, indicate this in the headline, and describe ways for them to use your tech, show feedback from real customers.

- Provide unique and useful information. Basing it on market analysis increases its value.

- Be brief, cut out any trivial or common knowledge information.

- When describing your how-to's, be consistent, explain how your technology works from the client's perspective, not yours.

- People like to read about other people, so give your story a personal touch. Example: "A new VRI startup gains popularity" or "Why three executives left their day jobs to create a VRI startup."

- While telling the story of the brand - do not praise yourself, avoid self-promotional and messages about your success. On the contrary, say to the audience about the difficulties you've faced. Avoid 'survivorship bias,' learning from mistakes makes your story more valuable.

- Don't mention your company name too often, put interesting content ahead instead, journalists don't like over-advertising;

- Instead of deep diving into your technology specifics, talk about the use cases you can support. Does it make the user's life easier, does it make the service cheaper or faster?

- Create an attractive pitch letter for the journalists - a catchy headline and the essence of your startup in 2-3 sentences.

- Send out your press release in the body of the email; many journalists rightly fear the attachments may be infected.

- Complement your massage with visuals - photos and videos that can explain your technology in seconds. For mobile apps provide links to the App Store and Google Play.

- In general, articles should not exceed 1,100 words, unless the long-read is prepared.

- Proper grammar is a reflection of your brand image and simply a must!

- Select the style of your writing. Unlike academic editorials, business publications require simple, concise language, with trendy highlights. Niche industry media fancy trade jargon and sophisticated details.

- Even If your startup is global, your news should relate to the media distribution region. Indicate your affinity in the text and description of the company.

- If you plan to offer content to different editions, prepare several different versions. Most media enforce a plagiarism test, and in case of a successful publication in another outlet, your submission will not pass.

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