Law firm turned to Smartiee for legal services promotion and attraction of new clients. The company had a promo website and a trademark. Attorneys had more than 10 years of experience in dispute resolution and criminal law and high reputation among the clients.

The Back Story


Attorneys have been on the market for many years, servicing long-term clientele. Despite the significant and successful legal cases and competitive value the lawyers did not invest in promotion, hence the low awareness of their capabilities on the market. The goal is to fill the gap in legal marketing and promote the firm services online and offline.

Smartiee proposed to create a brand story that would tell current and new customers about the company, its values, services, and experience. Using our brand strategy framework we conducted an in-depth study, created and successfully implemented a rebranding strategy.
Smartiee did a SWOT-analysis to identify the firm's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and define further directions for development. We conducted competitor analysis, SEO analysis, and collected client and clients and deal data in all practice areas.
We created a website in soft, restful colors for better readability of the content and to increase visitor's average time on page.
Slogan & Case Study

All the matters that lawyers cover (criminal law, family law, dispute resolution) are private. This value is expressed in the slogan: "Trust when it matters."

The company's most valuable asset is its experience. We adopted matter of fact tone of voice to demonstrate the potential to resolve cases. We collected information from the arbitration proceedings directory and composed a report highlighting the facts - transaction amount, duration of the case, defense strategy and the results.

To introduce the rebranded law firm to the market Smartiee organized PR campaign pegged to the five-year anniversary of the office. Our work included a series of articles for the media and social networks, arranging a photo session, distribution of the press release. As a result, we achieved dozen of publications in legal media outlets and industry-specific groups in Facebook, more than 3,000 target users reached, 200+ social media engagements.

01 Brand Strategy

Naming & Customer satisfaction survey

Law firm rebranding & website redesign

Market Research

We conducted CSS in order to obtain customers feedback on service satisfaction and test the hypothesis of changing the company's name. Our review uncovered possible incorrect associations about the existing title "Soldatkin, Zelenaya and Partners". We had to create a new name that relates to the old one because of an existing trademark.

Agency proposed a list of titles satisfying the following requirements: attractive, easy of use, easy to remember, correct voicing, compliant with market positioning. We decided on "SZP Law Boutique", an abbreviation of the founders' names. Prior client survey revealed that clients appreciate the flexible approach and support on various matters - both business-related and personal. A word 'boutique' underlines the ability to serve clients within a defined list of practices on a turn-key basis.

02 Brand Style and Identity

Luxury, with monograms and ampersands (the "&" sign).

Color palette

Font: Mediator Regular, Mediator

Corporate Style

03 Brand Platform and Story

04 Website Development

SZP customers are private individuals and corporate entities - each with their unique set of needs. To reflect this, we have divided the services in the drop-down menu into two categories - for individuals and companies. This allowed us to use more keywords to maximize SEO-promotion and improve usability by reducing time to find the right information.


We were responsible for all legal content marketing of SZP – from content plan creation to content writing and distribution. Our team prepared unique illustrations. We also organized publications in prominent Russian business and legal media.

Content Marketing

Award winning website

The website was submitted to Best Law Firm Website-2017 contest where it made it to the top three in Design nomination for "quality typography, simple structure, good, non-straining animation". The award panel appreciated website's corporate style, noting that it takes a minimum amount of time to secure the audience's trust.
Smartiee handled the legal directory submission process. Despite being a first-time applicant SZP secured the place in The Legal 500 ranking (Practice area – Private Client) and in Russian ranking in nominations Criminal law, Family Law and Dispute Resolution.

05 Law Firm Rankings

Brand: SZP Law
Type: Law Firm
Practice: Legal
Geography: Moscow, Russia