When we met SPEAKUS in 2017, the company was in the process of pivoting from a peer-to-peer translation as a service product - initial startup experiment that was not fully backed by the market. The big break came with the roll-out of the remote interpretation platform for multilingual conferences.

The Back Story


SPEAKUS turned to Smartiee with a request for digital promotion through search and social media advertisement. The company had a track record of servicing several significant events in Russia. Remote interpreting solution was well accepted by the local event market. Event organizers could quickly and easily arrange simultaneous interpreting replacing traditional bulky interpreting equipment with a digital cloud-based solution.

The company experienced the limits of its word-of-mouth promotion and was striving to tap into the new marketing channels to attract new customers. SPEAKUS considered pay-per-click advertising and SEO as key. Smartiee proposed a holistic approach and acted as a centralized project office outsourcing all marketing promotion activities for the customer.
Having a short timeframe to showcase the product to both investors and potential customers, SPEAKUS demanded a quick facelift of their visual identity. The first tasks included:
We surveyed current and potential customers of the company, to evaluate the demand for simultaneous interpretation of their events, important criteria for requesting interpretation services, the overall level of satisfaction with current service providers.

We have determined customer satisfaction with remote interpretation services and defined key focus points for further brand positioning.

Corporate presentation (content and design)
brand Story with focus on current business directions
brand Guideline (colors, fonts, custom illustrations, icons)


Landing Page

We rolled out a bilingual landing page retaining the recognizable corporate style. New website focuses on the target audience - event managers and interpreters, value proposition - replacement of traditional and expensive rental of booths and headsets, advantages like paying for the actual number of hours used and never running out of spare headsets.

The new landing page acts as a definitive guide to the service features and benefits, explaining the pricing model and listing some of the happy clients. Consalted on the GDPR rules and updated privacy policy to be compliant with the regulation, developing the text and design of the document.

01 Brand Facelifting

02 Brand Strategy

Color palette



Font: Museo, Museo Super Family, Derif

SaaS marketing: brand strategy, story & promotion

Document needed to demonstrate the emphasis on events and conference interpreting, platform's features and capabilities, and the advantages for clients. We have completed a revamped bilingual presentation with new graphics that told a better story on how the platform works and its use-cases in less than a week.
Initially, SPEAKUS was appraising itself against only a handful of global competitors.

According to the results of the global Interpreting Delivery Platforms analysis, we identified 32 direct and indirect competitors, including translation companies and equipment suppliers providing remote simultaneous interpreting services and specialized mobile platforms.
Smartiee mapped the competitors based on their geographical presence and evaluated the pricing, partner programs, and marketing channels.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Profile
We conducted a study of current and potential clients of the platform to determine the image of the target audience. Our scope includes vital roles within the MICE industry and Language Service Providers.

We defined the criteria of a potential client: gender, marital status, language skills, income level, education, life goals and desires, fundamental problems, followed media outlets and more. As a result - several unique customer categories were identified. We provided recommendations to resolve the issues and meet the needs of the target client groups.

Market Research & Competitor Analysis

Our full-scale support for SPEAKUS began with comprehensive research of the market, competitors and customer persona. The analysis became a foundation for determining the company's strategy and tailoring the go-to-market approach.

03 Brand Platform and Story

Smartiee launched a search advertising campaign to increase the visibility of the company's service as a cost-effective alternative to a traditional rental of booths and headsets. Contextual advertising targeted key cities in Russia.

PPC and new website SEO are based it on the initial 700+ keyword list and careful analysis of competitors site structure and use of paid per click model. The initiative helped to test the digital channel and attract new leads, some turning into a strategic partnership.
Over the year Smartiee created appealing content and published the news about the company developments in leading international and domestic business and technology media outlets. We told the success story about the people behind the brand - how banking executives left their day jobs to disrupt the event industry. A photo shoot of the company's founders was specially done for this article.

Our coverage included the achievement of providing interpretation for 50+ events with thousands of participants and entry into the markets of Europe, Kazakhstan, India, and Australia.

04 Digital marketing



Smartiee supervised a feasibility study and a testing Social Media advertising campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and VK. We have developed targets, messaging, and a media asset pack: a video showcasing the technology, graphics of platform features, and promotional collateral. The resulting campaign helped to increase the general awareness and generated leads through a new digital channel.


A new marketing strategy demanded a compelling brand story to convey on the new website and other channels. New content pack amplifies the vision to simplify interpretation of multilingual conferences, public speaking and business negotiations.

Global Expansion

MICE (event organization) market assessment. Identifying industry representatives as decision makers for purchasing the interpretation delivery platform services. Determining target countries for pilot and production service roll-out.

Mission is the interpretation of events of all sizes and forms using the remote simultaneous platform.
Values for customers: the platform is easy to use and flexible, its innovative approach provides a cost-efficient and reliable alternative with a high-quality broadcast.
Tagline: no more bulky and expensive equipment.
We have prescribed action steps and key messages for distinct groups of simultaneous interpretation participants: the organizer, the listener, the translator. To justify competitive differentiation, we made a table comparing feature of the platform with traditional providers. To support the business development, we also created structure and content for partners, investors, and franchise sections.

Type: VRI platform
Practice: Technology
Geography: Ireland, Kazakhstan, Russia, Australia