We have been marketing consultants of a well-known international legal firm. In 2018, this firm was split into separate legal entities. A core team of the firm established a new venture and turned to Smartiee for strategy and story.

The Back Story


The Company has its key capabilities in international business and tax structuring, but currently, this area is experiencing reduced demand. Over the last years, authorities enforced de-offshoring policy and increased attention to the foreign corporation controlled by residents. The law firm wanted to find a new promising direction for development.

The task was to create a strategy and build a brand appealing for existing and new customers. We have advised on the structure, SEO aspects and content of the new company's website.
Using a combination of market research, expert interviews Smartiee identified new services related to international tax law.

Several highly requested practices were selected. Smartiee explicated the specific functions in each area: corporate reporting, accounting services, HR services, collaboration with banks and government services. Our survey uncovered some services with latent customer demand and and desirable features, i.e., flexible approach, 24/7 availability.

01 Brand Strategy

Law firm Brand Strategy & Story

Creating a consistent brand story was complicated because the law firm provides a wide variety of services challenging to combine.

We created a buyer persona and separated several customers type. We decided to establish the positioning strategy on a legal boutique concept - a one-stop-shop with all essential services for the customers. The emphasis is made on the corporate segment, where the firm has paramount experience, servicing clients on continuous and project basis.

02 Brand Story

While being a new brand the legal team along with key partners have extensive experience and are well known on the market. We've used the past track record and earned credentials along with a new perspective the firm can deliver for its clients at the moment. Our guidelines target questions from different groups: principals, the media, legal directories.

Market research

Brand: Enforce Law Company
Type: Law Firm
Practice: Legal
Geography: Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Russia