Smartiee is helping DropEx - UC Berkeley backed startup that simplifies device proximity pairing allowing event participants to connect and exchange professional profiles instantly. Its US-patented technology uses a comparative analysis of ambient noise for mobile device matching.
The Back Story
The mobile application uses innovative proximity pairing technology 'Resonance Nearby' that compares live ambient audio fingerprints to identify, authenticate, and pair devices in the vicinity. Nevertheless, the principal use case of the app is the instant exchange of business cards, which is considered a commodity. We were entrusted with improving audience awareness and increasing downloads and mobile app adoption (installs and user base growth).
One of the fundamental elements in promoting mobile apps in the Google Play and Apple App Store marketplaces is the text and visual optimization of product information pages. The procedure involves building the semantic core based on keywords/keyphrases - popular search queries.

To improve the visibility of a DropEx mobile app and increase organic downloads, we have significantly reworked the foundation - keyword research for ASOin both stores iOS/Android with English (US/GB) and Russian localizations. As the next step of the mobile marketing audit, we've revised and polished the description texts, metadata, and other key factors affecting the conversion rate. We also consulted on ways to improve app impressions and engagement (reviews/ratings).

As a result, in the first month after ASO implementation we were able to
- improve the visibility of the app in the search requests: US +78%, RU +22%
- increase the overall app's search ranking: US +41% RU +57%
- ranking in the top-10: RU - 28 keywords, +10 new requests. US - 2 keywords, +1 new request

01 ASO & GPO

Mobile application marketing & promotion

Key goals for a technology company public relations and marketing communications strategy:
- generate brand awareness and increase startup and its technology profile among stakeholders in the tech and business ecosystem
- increase the influx of leads and attract traffic to the website and mobile app

When the startup participated in Web Summit 2017 and reached semi-finals of pitch sessions becoming one of 33 out of 1000 contenders
we have prepared and published an article in a prominent technology and business media outlet. The founders provided a detailed outlook on their journey to Web Summit and some advice for the new participants.

Other examples of publications include:
- Partnership with a notable event/organization to utilize the technology
- Enrolment into the acceleration program and securing new investment rounds
- Deep dive into technology, explaining the use cases and evolution of the idea.

02 PR

Google Play and Apple App Store optimization

Using media for technology product marketing

Brand: DropEx
Type: UC Berkeley backed startup
Practice: Tech
Geography: The USA