November 23 / 2022

IFLR 1000 2023: how to maximise company's ratings

Our team visited a webinar today where the editors of the legal directory IFLR 1000 explained what information they are looking for and what makes a good submission.

Below are some useful points for you when working on documentation for the rating.

1. This year's novelty is a separete Excel form to nominate the lawyers. It is recommended to provide information about three lawyers' highlights of their recent work.
    2. The submission is comprised of three parts.
    Part 1. Nomination of lawyers
    Part 2. Information about your firm
    Part 3. Lawyers' work highlights

    The researchers recommend following the 'fill out as full as possible' approach for all parts of the submissions.
    You can find some additional information below.
      3. Unlimited volume of client references can be submitted for client feedback. All referees will be contacted by email. As for response options, two preferences are available: online survey, or phone interview.

      4. Work evidence is a decisive factor. Previously, IFLR 1000 analyzed submissions based on peer feedback and client feedback. Starting this year, the probability to be included depends on the feedback and the quality of data in research submissions and other tracked data. Complex, innovative, or impactful work is given more weight.
      About IFLR 1000
      IFLR1000 is the rating that conducts qualitative research of lawyers and law firms. The key research focus is transactions and regulatory work.

      The ranking aims to distinguish the work of outstanding individuals in the following areas:
      - Banking
      - Capital markets equity
      - Capital markets debt
      - Capital markets high yield
      - Capital markets structured finance and Securitisation
      - Financial services regulatory
      - M&A
      The rating accepts submissions from firms based anywhere in the world and will produce rankings for any jurisdiction where we have sufficient deal evidence and client feedback. However, the ranking will not be published in some countries. You can find a list here on the tab EMEA.

      Submission deadline: February 1, 2023.
      Research interviews conducted: January – August 2023.

      The information is submitted through an accreditation portal.

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