June 24 / 2019

We visited Entrepreneur's day in TUM (Munich)

Today, startups have pitched their projects to the jury and investors at the Entrepreneur's Day at the Technical University of Munich.

Among the projects:

1. A fitness center that optimizes user productivity based on blood analysis and creates dietary recommendations (Loewy)

2. 3D printing system based on fused layers technology for medical devices (from prototyping to personalized human implants) (Kumovis)

3. Reusable polypropylene containers for restaurants without chemical agent Bisphenol A, which is often used in plastic bottles (Rebento)

4. An energy kite, which is fixed on the ground and can fly autonomously generating energy. Requires 10 times less building material when reaching higher altitudes with stronger winds. (Kitekraft)

5. Vegan meat substitute based on mushrooms, particularly Trutovic mushroom, which is also called Woodchicken because of its fibrous texture and aroma

6. Modular Robotics (Modular Robotics) The performance was for two minutes. The winners of the audience sympathies (2,000 Euros) were determined by clapping and calculating the level of decibels.

The guys with the containers have clapped at 108 dB. It was immediately obvious that the audience liked the founder and his speech.

The main prize (5,000 Euro) was given to the idea of mushrooms.
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