Website Development

Corporate website
1. Bespoke website design
and search engine optimization
2. Website redesign and new brand identity
1. Quickly establish an online presence
to promote your services
2. Temporary and specific marketing campaign promotion

Technology we use

Our Smartiee Process

As marketing geeks, we love a great website design.

Quality website is the face of your brand every potential customer visits, even if they come through word of mouth or other channels. Often brands neglect the importance of their online presence or think it can be commoditized (delivered fast). Crafting a website is a complex process that includes careful selection of colors and typography, adaptive and responsive design, relevant content and converting brand story.

Types of corporate websites

CMS powered for simple content management
Custom website design to stand out
Responsive and mobile-friendly
Blogging / news section
Built-in website features
Pre-built layouts for all types of publications
Page layouts to best deliver your content
Drop-down menu
Provision of internal linking
Stock or custom designed visuals
Basic animation
Maps and contact forms
Social media share buttons
Lead generating call to action buttons
Naming, logo
Your website domain name
Infographics and visual elements
Color palette
Own photography for your website
Interactive elements and custom features
Digital marketing strategy and services
Naming, logo
Your website domain name
Your brand's positioning, values, and visual identity
Brand color palette
Infographics and visual elements
Own photography for your website
Interactive elements and custom features
Landing Page
Website builders for short time-to-market
Brand guidelines for the website
Custom page design
Responsive and mobile-friendly
Converting page layout composition
Content structure, storytelling, copywriting
Social media share buttons
Icons, stock images, client logo
Feedback forms
Branded maps
Pricing plans and interactive pricing calculators
Things to consider

Competitor analysis
CMS page layout
Adaptive layout
Content publishing