January 24 / 2020

How to get listed on Chambers & Partners legal directory this year?

What has CHANGED in Chambers & Partners ranking in 2020?

1. The ranking introduced the Diversity & Inclusion section. This topic would be widely covered during various Chambers' international events this year. Firms with a diverse line-up of participants, as well as jobs for people with disabilities, will have an advantage.

2. The corporate law firm ranking implements a more intelligent assessment of evaluations. Feedback from referees is now thoroughly evaluated and cross-checked with similar reviews of the person for other firms. If editors decide that the respondents did not prepare the review themselves, such dubious feedback may not be taken into account.

3. Former colleagues and peer firms who provide the same services should not be included in the list of references.

About SUBMISSION preparation

1. Check out last year's list of winners in the priority category - if you think your projects can tackle the competition, then go for it. Chambers is a highly competitive legal ranking. For example, Dispute Resolution practice (Russia) includes only 17 companies. Сompared with 26 companies represented in the equivalent practice in The Legal 500 directory.

2. Applications are submitted through the online system. To get access to the online account, new participants should submit a request over email to the rating.

3. Chambers evaluates companies of any size. Even small firms with the right niche focus might be included in the ranking provided the projects are genuine, and the submission package is done right.

4. It is possible to submit 20 projects per practice: both public and confidential. The breakdown is not rigidly defined, i.e., eight confidential projects and 12 open ones can be presented.

5. You should include projects implemented over the last 12 months: meaning, if you submit your package now - from February 2019 to February 2020.

6. It is possible to have the same projects in submissions for different practices.

7. You should provide as much useful information about the company and projects as possible, but consider being concise.

8. The following factors are essential for the evaluation: transaction amounts, professional approach, customer satisfaction with service, diligence, industry knowledge, commitment, technical capacity, efficiency.

About REFEREE LIST preparation

1. The recommendation list is limited to 20 individuals.

2. If you include long-term clients in your referral list, keep in mind that you should have ongoing work with them during the last 12 months.

3. The ranking may conduct interviews with your clients to collect feedback on your work and the overall status of other firms in the market. But it's not a mandatory procedure. Clients will be talked to in either English or Russian.

4. Include in the list of client references who can provide feedback on your work. Get approval in advance.

5. With persons who have already given feedback for the last three months, the rating will not be contacted.

What can help you do everything ON TIME

1. If you have data from old questionnaires, write down the client's name and key facts: transaction value, project precedence, and other criteria. Sort them by importance. This way, you will see the big picture. It will be easier for you to refine the descriptions taking into account recent changes.

2. If no questionnaires are available, start the description from the largest to the smallest projects.

Submission DEADLINES

You can submit the following practices until February 19, 2020:

In the German jurisdiction:

  • Banking & Finance: Regulatory
  • Capital Markets: Debt; Equity; Structured Finance: Lawyers Based Abroad
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Competition/European Lawyers Based Abroad
  • Corporate/M&A: High-end Capability
  • Corporate/M&A: Mid-Market
  • Dispute Resolution: Litigation; Arbitration Counsel; Arbitration: Most in Demand Arbitrators.
  • Intellectual Property: Patent Prosecution; Patent Litigation; Trade Mark and Unfair Competition
  • Tax: Consultants; Litigation
  • TMT: Data Protection, Information Technology; Media; Telecommunication
In the Russian jurisdiction

  • Banking & Finance*
  • Corporate/M&A
  • Dispute Resolution**
  • Dispute Resolution Corporate Crime**
  • Dispute Resolution Domestic**
  • Dispute Resolution International**
  • Dispute Resolution Lawyers Based Abroad**
  • Intellectual Property***
*Banking & Finance - projects are supporting both borrowers and lenders.
**The Dispute Resolution practice takes into account cases at all stages - pre-trial, judicial settlement of disputes, enforcement proceedings.
***Intellectual Property - disputes related to the infringement of patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Lawsuits around commercial secrets.

The release of this year's research results is scheduled for March 7, 2021.

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