Law Firm Rankings

Our Smartiee Process

The submission process is complex and labor-intensive, whether you are a large firm with an extensive set of practices or a small office applying to the international law firm rankings for the first time.

We are well aware of the hardship – you need to collect and describe a company's annual track record and provide details of the cases on time. Our clients exhibit about 85-90% inclusion in global law firm rankings.

Our approach focuses on maintaining submissions on time and in line with guidelines that tend to change every year. The process takes a minimum of the firm partner's time, and project details are collected and enhanced with the help of dedicated practice leads
and lawyers.

What you obtain

Data collection
Transactions cost calculation
Projects descriptions
Referee lists
Package submission

Turnkey submission package (questionnaires, practice summary)
Referee lists
Editorial communications
Track of the relevant practice submission deadlines

Global law firm rankings