Brand Story

Our Smartiee Process

It's important to tell the world about your services, but business is always about people,
and people are attracted to stories that inspire them.

A brand story builds an emotional connection with your audience. So don't limit yourself to the contents of "About us" website section. Your brand story includes all your interaction with the audience — both text-based and visual communications matter. It helps to craft a captivating brand story that genuinely resonates with your audience and differentiates you from competitors.

There is a lot to consider on the ideation phase. Decide what voice you will select to communicate with the audience. Should it be funny or serious, formal or casual, respectful or irreverent, enthusiastic or fact-based? What are your values, mission, why did you start the company in the first place?

What you obtain

Brand tone of voice – how you speak with your clients
Brand architecture – mission what your brand is hoping to achieve,
vision what we do for people, values
Brand story – value prop, brand promise, brand position, key messages tagline

Brand audit
Brand tone of voice
Brand architecture

Brand story