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A support for cloud-based technology company SPEAKUS to research the market

Tech startup founders, on many occasions, are bound to feel like the acclaimed Truffaldino character - a servant of two masters. Pitching your story to customers and investors cannot be covered by a single scenario.

Often the angle has to be considerably adapted to different segments of your clientele. Would you be telling the story blindfolded, not basing it on the actual needs and pain points of your customer?

At Smartiee, we are helping companies to validate their case - whether it's embarking on a specific market niche or kicking-off a service with seasonal demand. We support you by researching your prospects and appropriate stakeholders who make the purchasing decisions, identifying their needs for specific services. Now you can use this data as guidance for both direct selling and online marketing initiatives.

Learn how we have helped a cloud-based technology company SPEAKUS to research the market, map the competition, and align their brand strategy for global expansion.