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IFLR 1000: 3 important updates

International law firm ranking IFLR 1000 introduced changes
in the submission process.

1. Practice area 'Energy and Infrastructure' was replaced by more extensive practice - Project Development
This practice includes all non-financing work excluding disputes and arbitration. Among that concession agreements, EPC, exploration contracts, land acquisitions, licensing, PPAs, PPPs, and PFIs, Public procurement, Project negotiation).

2. Ranking improves research methodology and design

IFLR 1000 updated the design of the research form, significantly reducing the amount of information. The presentation has become more informative - using infographics, contrasting colors and new, more pleasant typography. Completed research form can be submitted online.

If earlier the number of submitted projects was limited to 10 transactions, now the limit is extended to 20 cases. A special form of Client Referees has appeared in the research form to provide customer contact information. The rating still allows law firms to submit documentation
in a free format.

3. IFLR launched a global online transaction database Deal Data

Law firms can send information about their significant transactions, and in case of a favorable decision, they will be published. Each transaction contains a description, implementation dates, transaction amounts, information about which lawyer worked on the case, links to similar matters in this practice and analysis.