Best CIS Law Firm Websites Design

06 September, 2018
By Smartiee

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We created a summary of contest results of a law firm website design, hosted by Find your inspiration.

In this year's edition, the judges evaluated the contenders using the following criteria: adaptive design, content, layout and loading speed. They emphasized the usability and the combination of design and web content, distinctions from competitors, ease of use. For shortlisted contenders, it was vital to ensure that the visuals do not distract the users from the content, but engage them instead.
      Alliance Legal Consulting Group website has valuable content and a modern design supporting meaningful experience. We find the work rather bold, trendy and memorable - corresponding to the latest trends in website design.

          2. S&K Vertical, Russia
              S&K Vertical website is differentiating from the competitors with a concise and straightforward layout, clean typography - all reflecting the legal industry spirit. Also, this firm is putting its brand name to work in the design - we can see a lot of vertical elements, including the logo and language switch panels.

                  3. LP Law Firm, Russia
                      Liniya Prava Law Office website boasts bright and contracts colors, dynamic animation, and simplicity of finding the right service based on practice or industry user request.

                          Here is the list of websites included in the ranking.
                              4. ARNA Partners, Kazakhstan

                                  5. Jurproject, Russia

                                      6. ANP Zenit, Russia