October 02 / 2019

Top Best Criminal Law Firm Websites

We love a great website when we see one. For most people, criminal law defense may seem like a dull subject, but a law firm site doesn't have to be.

Smartiee conducted research analyzing the best websites of law firms in criminal law against user experience and main page design.

The key objectives of a legal firm's site are to instill confidence, be convincing, provide the information at the user's fingertips, showcase a professional track record without disclosing any secrets.

Various tools are used – soothing colors, classic concise forms, competent data composition, emphasis on photographs of lawyers.

Our selection is based on the following criteria:
- design
- user experience (UX design)
- intuitive
- completeness of information
- motivation to commit an action – call the company or contact lawyers by email

1. Mulligan Breit, USA
Mulligan Breit is a criminal defense firm from Denver is using an animated background on the home page, and when you click on the button - a full-fledged video presentation about the company. Even though the firm has only two lawyers, the video demonstrates the credibility and experience of specialists.

The site provides comprehensive information for potential customers. The company breaks down criminal law services in subsections, describing the risks in each area.
2. The Litvak Law Firm, USA
An eye-catching color palette is complemented with media interview photoshoots and custom illustrations – courtroom sketches.

We also fancy the large typography, offset by modern excerption design elements – yellow bracket and double-quotes.
3. Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence, Canada
The lawyers selected cold, metallic colors, which perfectly convey the atmosphere of the law practice.
The central element is the team picture of criminal lawyers, who expresses confidence, competence, and even a bit of iron.

The composition of skillfully selected postures and clothing perfectly incorporates into minimalistic interiors of glass and concrete. The website structure spotlights the essential elements: description of the company, practices, contacts, reviews, contacts.
4. Mishcon de Reya, USA, UK
"It's business. But it's personal" - a capacious slogan, and the first thing a visitor sees when entering the site. The video on the main page is genuinely a successful example of brand positioning.

We observe a variety of customer categories - family, small business, top management, creative professionals. This site is a successful example of demonstrating the ability to cover legal matters in both business and personal life.

The page itself is divided into two separate categories - 'Business' and 'Personal'. Such an approach makes the customer experience with a multi-practice law company more intuitive.
5. 6KBW College Hill, UK
The design uses eye-catching vibrant colors - blue, gray and white shades, and legible typography. Information is easy to find and presented concisely.

Another popular web design trend is the use of monochrome illustrations, inscribed in the overall website color scheme.
6. Rishi Gill Barrister, Canada

We've distinguished this site for its main page. All of its elements present the firm to the best advantage.

Live photo of the named partner amid a backdrop of a dynamic background with two doors - a symbolic representation of possible trial outcomes. Three sentences capture the essence of the brand's positioning.
7. 25 Bedford Row, UK
This website is a successful example of a company that does not neglect fashion trends. Among them: using bright and vibrant colors and geometric shapes. Bold & creative typography - large letters and original fonts.

Every website section is complemented by a video story - straight talk from the firm's employees and partners.
8. The Law Offices of Darryl A. Goldberg, USA
Full-color illustrations (courtroom sketches), balanced website color scheme, well-marked call-to-action elements, and has direct links to your key practices available on the home page (instead of complicated navigation and several clicks away) - ingredients of a client winning page we totally recommend ourselves.
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