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Client: SZP Law
Date: March 01, 2017 – October 01, 2017
Geography: Moscow, Russia
What has been done: brand platform | research & analytics | SEO optimization | website | SMM | content marketing & PR | legal rankings
Comprehensive Brand Building & Promotion for SZP Law Firm
The back story
SZP Law Boutique is a company providing legal services in complex business support, solving white collar and civil disputes, family law and criminal law. Over the past 2 years, lawyers have been able to protect clients from claims for an amount of about 5 billion rubles. Long-term clients of the company are top-managers of corporations, large construction and trading companies.
The client turned to Smartiee in connection with the re-branding of the company, building the brand and promotion. The brand strategy included directions: research & analysis, branding and promotion.
First of all, we conducted SWOT-analysis identified company strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and futher directions for development. We conducted competitor analysis, SEO analysis, and also collected CRM of clients and case studies in all practice areas.
Primarly research & analytics
In parallel, Smartiee team implemented a survey of customer satisfaction to assess the overall level of satisfaction, find out how the company perceives by client and conduct an analysis of the company's current name Soldatkin, Zelenaya and Partners, which carried a threat of incorrect perception. The difficulty was that the company had a patented old name and it was necessary to come up with a new one, without departing much from the point of view.

Based on the results of the analysis, it was decided to change the name to the initials of the company's partners. Since the firm specializes in a limited number of practices, the format of the "legal boutique" was chosen.

Smartiee proposed a list of titles with justification for choosing criteria: attractiveness, ease of pronunciation, correct pronunciation, ease of memorization, allocation among competitors, compliance with the market, compliance with the price segment. We settled on - SZP LAW BOUTIQUE, an abbreviation of the key names of the founders.
Brand Platform
Branding guideline
Company clients - high net worth individuals (HNWI) - businessmen, top-managers of corporations, high-ranking officials, public persons. Law Firm undertakes complex legal support for corporate and personal interests of the customer and members of his family. That's why we decided to use luxury style of brand.

Especially for these purposes, elements were created in the form of monograms and ampersands (the "&" sign). The color palette includes Soft colors shades of dark blue, beige, gray and white colors.
Re-branding of Law Firm
The problem was that law firm has been on the market for many years, lawyers are competitive in the value and significance of the clients of the case. The company did not engage in marketing, hence the low awareness of the market and customers of the company.

The goal is to fill the gap in the knowledge of lawyers and clients regarding the activities of the company and its services. Smartiee conducted photo session of key employees of the company and organized PR campaign by the five-year anniversary.
The work included writing several types of text for the media and social networks, conducting a survey of customer satisfaction, holding a photo session, distribution of the press release. As a result, 13 Publications in legal publications and groups in Facebook were published, 3000 Coverage of publications without mailing lists, 204 Interactions in social networks.
Re-branding of Law Firm
We collected the project experience of the company and conducted a customer survey. This allowed us to identify the key practices of the company and the audience. The positioning of the company formed the basis of the website of the board of SZP Law
We identified two areas of the target audience in the drop-down menu and in the "Services" menu. This allowed us to use more keywords for maximum SEO-promotion and reduce the time for finding the right information for a potential client.
According to analytical results, clients of the company most appreciate the flexible approach and the ability to serve on different issues. The word "boutique" in the name is intended to emphasize the focus on servicing private clients and businesses on all issues of their activity "on a turn-key basis". Thus, the law firm demonstrates that it is ready to render services to clients in any situation, up to an operative participation in conducting searches and protection in case of accusation of economic crimes.

Since the company's services are criminal, family law, dispute resolution, which are often personal topics for clients, this value is expressed in the slogan: "Trust, when it's important." The logo meets the needs of the audience - businessmen, top managers and corporate executives and reflects peace, reliability and confidence

Ksenia Udovitskaya
CEO Smartiee
Best Law Firm website-2017 (nomination Design) Website went into the top three for "quality typography, a simple structure, a good, non-straining animation." Also, the jury members appreciated the corporate style of the site - they noted that it takes a minimum amount of time to want these people to trust their own interests.

Smartiee was responsible for all content materials of company – from content marketing plan creation to writing and publishing the news on corporate website. The team prepared unique illustrations.

Сontent marketing & SMM

Company news and articles on the website
Old Facebook Page / New Facebook Page
We also organized publications in prominent Russian media for the client.
Legal rankings: submissions
Smartiee provided: advisory & Strategy of participation in international and local rankings, preparation of submissions, rating representatives relations

As a result, company was mentioned for the first time in The Legal 500 ranking (Practice area – Private Client), and in Russian ranking Pravo.ru-300 in nominations Criminal law, Family Law and Dispute Resolution.
Brand straregy
Site concept, naming, positioning, structure, navigation and design, corporate style elements
Brand guidelinte
Creation of a logo, selection of firm images and creation of design, selection of a color palette
Creation of a semantic kernel, competitors, SEO-analysis, writing texts with keywords
Web Design
Creation of site layouts, layout, programming, testing, domain registration and hosting